Reseda Binder Wax Rolls

Unmatched Waxing properties


Reseda Binder is a German Based Traditional family owned company with 10 decades of experience and with modern manufacturing facilities the company meets the demanding requirement in the field of waxing the Hosiery/Knitting Yarns.

Good Reasons for Reseda:

  • Optimum waxing with low co-efficient of friction. Reduced Wax Wastages
  • Runs Smoothly in Automatic Winder without any hindrance & chipping problems
  • Reduced Machine & Floor Contaminations
  • Enhanced Machine Efficiency in Knitting, Increased Knitting needles life
  • Easily washable & can be removed without any residues
  • Made of 100 % Ultimate purity Paraffin with 100 % Bio- degradable.
  • Certified by Oeko-tex, Eco-Passport & GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards).

Reseda Wax Classifications & Types:

Classifications of Reseda Wax Rolls & their Properties with Applications:
    Type      Structure     Settingpoint   Penetration           Application
NATURAFIN YELLOW Very coarse crystalline  60-62*c 12 — 14 Largely Universal, suitable for cotton , wool , Synthetics and their Blends
 NATURAFIN ORANGE Coarse & Very coarse crystalline 64-66*c 11 — 13 For fine and very fine yarns. Suitable for cotton, synthetics
    NATURAFIN GREEN Coarse crystalline 59-61*c 19 — 20 Wool,cotton,cotton blends. Recommended for larger Applications  for wax , Such as wool Yarns and Bleached yarns.
NATURAFIN  RED Coarse crystalline  56-58*c 22 — 26 For yarns which are bleached or dyed after waxing
NATURAFIN BLUE Fine crystalline 56-58*c 24 — 26 For yarns spun with soft twist or at low Yarn tension.
TYPE II WHITE NATURAFIN Very coarse crystalline 59-60*c 15 — 17 Cotton and cotton blends but also for slightly raised yarn

TeFoc made these wax rolls easily available in Coimbatore even for small lots by stocking & selling in INR.

TeFoc made Reseda’s Friction Tester available in Coimbatore for testing the Yarn Friction levels  with longer sample lengths . Spinners can make use of this facility to know their friction levels in their yarn.

RESEDA’S Friction Tester

Wax particles in Yarn- Microscopic view

Friction Behaviours  of Different Yarns at different volumes of Waxing.

  • Black– Frictional Level of un waxed yarn which is at higher levels .
  • Blue –  Frictional Level of Overwaxed Yarn which is also higher due to the resistance in free movement of yarn because of higer waxing.
  • Red – Frictional Levels of underwaxed yarn falls in higher  side slightly lower than over waxed yarn
  • Green – Optimum Waxed yarn Frictional behaviour lies between at the range of .15u( Our Reseda Waxed yarn provides the Optimum Friction).