TeFoc in association with M/s .Optibelt – Germany provides power transmission solutions for various industries and applications. These belts are equipped with high Quality raw material with renowned German manufacturing process.

Variator Belts:

Variable Speed Belts like Super VX & Super DVX are preferably used for infinite variable speed controls. Their special belt structure allows high dynamic loads with superior power transmission capabilities & good control characteristics.

Timing Belts:

Omega , Omega HP, ZR ,L,XL,MXL, M & SM profile belts provides better synchronisation & ensures more efficiency & longer life.

Ribbed belts:

Optibelts PJ, PK & PL sized Ribbed belts are more rigid & efficiently transfer the power with better service life.

Service & Maintenace Tools:

Optibelt Laser Pointer- This Tools quickly checks the misalignment in pulleys  & it can be aligned quickly with more accuracy. This ensures longer service life of belts & reduced power saving  due to misalignment.

Optibelt Tension Tester-( TT Line)

TT Line is the latest technology tool available for checking the belts tension during the mounting of the belts. This tool comprises of high quality components with USB ports to store & transfer the tested readings.

TeFoc as a Authorised Distributor, stocks & sell these Belts & service tools from our Coimbatore Office.