NRB Bearings

The Ring Frame Bottom Roller Specialist.

TeFoc–  Authorised Distributors for NRB Bearings.

The NRB Make Bottom Roller Bearings are made up of High  Quality Raw materials with stringent manufacturing Process  which gives the  Ring Frame & Speed frame  a trouble free running  for longer life.

Please find below some of the unique features of NRB bearings & their advantages.

NRB- BOTTOM ROLLER BEARINGS – Suitable for all ranges & models of  Ring Frames & Speed frames.

GRAE 45NPPB Tin Roller Bearings

NTL 2019 Spindle & Bobbin Driving Shaft Bearings

NTL 2015 Drum Bearing in Cone Winders

Unique Qualities of NRB Bearings:

  • With name of Largest Manufacturer of Needle Roller bearings in India; NRB has the   good reputation for their quality in all the Textile Original Equipment Manufacturers.
  • Their Tie-up with M/s. Nadella Bearings – France has really helped them to deliver the high accuracy class bearings into the markets
  • Unique manufacturing process in needle manufacturing helps their bearing to run for longer life.
  • Their Strict quality norms  ensures their supplies a defect free.
  • Their design centre is equipped with modern 3D parametric design capability and linear as well as non linear finite element analysis tool. The capability ensures  thorough virtual analysis of the product before delivering to the customer.
  • Bench marking labarotary certifies every product of NRB to be compliant with ROHS, ELV & REACH Metal  & Non Metal Lubricants are checked for composition by ICP  to ensure the highest products performance.

Advantages of  NRB bearings  over competitors  in textile applications:

  • Enhanced  running  Life
  • Lesser noise Generation
  • Lesser heat generation
  • Delivering of consistence quality throughout the life.
  • Better Price to Performance Ratio

As a authorized distributors, we make these bearings easily available & ensure the quickest supply.