TeFoc Machineries & TeFoc Accessories are marketing companies founded by P.Samuel Ravichandran partnering K.Muthu Vijayan at the end of year 2008 both of whom are Textile Technocrats and each of them having more than 2 decades of technical and marketing experience in the field of Textiles.

The company had its focus on the textile spinning sector and identified some of the critical accessories which can be extensively used in the spinning mills and also made these accessories easily available in the market which hitherto was scarcely available in the local market.

M/s.Kanai Juyo Kogyo Co. Ltd, Japan

M/s. INA Bearings India Pvt Ltd, Indian Division of INA Schaeffler Group, Germany

M/s.Saxonia Textiles Parts, GMbh

M/s. Reseda Binder, Germany

M/s.Yamauchi Corp, Japan & Malaysia

M/s.Phoenix Engineering, Pune, India

TeFoc Machineries also got into agreement with M/s.China Texmatech Trading Co. Ltd for promoting Jingwei’s range of Spinning Preparatory Machines, Spinning Machineries and Automatic Winders.

During the same year 2009, TeFoc Accessories acquired the marketing distributorship for INA Bearings manufactured in Germany. The marketing of INA Bearings which was initially done on Textile sector later diversified into other Industrial segments too.

End of 2010, TeFoc Accessories also obtained distributorship rights for Belts manufactured by M/s.Optibelt, Germany and then in the mid of 2011 obtained distributorship of ZKL Bearings of Czech Republic origin.

TeFoc management in order to have a more focused marketing of bearings and belts which not only is required by textile factories is also needed in almost all Industrial sectors like cement, power, wind farm, steel, paper, etc, has started a new division, TeFoc Industrial Products Pvt Ltd, which focuses on promoting belts and bearings in all Industrial sectors.

Today, TeFoc has a good infrastructure for marketing the various products and is continuously building up the strong base generated to have a wider market and services.