Yamauchi Cots & Aprons

TeFoc has tied up with Yamauchi,a 10 Decade experienced company for  promoting their Cots & Aprons for Ring & Air Jet Spinning.

Made out of Finest Japanese Technology Systems


  • Their Aprons are made through one of the finest manufacturing process.
  • High Quality Raw Materials ensure the superior running performance & logevity.
  • Anti Cracking & Abrasive resistant.
  • Aprons are 100 % Quality Checked , hence consistent quality is maintained.
  • Short Aprons for KTTM machines withstands excessive wear & tear & resistance to elongates ensure longer life & good yarn quality.
  • Their Special Knurled aprons for Rieter Ring frames performs better working with lesser slippage & reduced apron wear & hence increased aprons life.
  • Yamauchi supplies their special Black Aprons for  Airjet Spinning Machines  to with stand excessive wear & tear caused by more delivery speeds.Hence longer life & better yarn quality levels compared to local aprons.

Cots for preparatory Drawing Machines:

Yamauchi manufactures their cots from their Japanese Factory. Their highest quality Rawmaterials & Stringent quality norms ensures the following benefits to the end users.

  • Better Sliver Quality levels, Resistant towards hardening & ageing.
  • Anti lapping Properties enahances working in Synthetic & its blends
  • Suitable for Higher delivery speeds with longer life.
  • Can be supplies with Highest Quality Shell, End Bushes of INA Bearings to satsisfies the customer’s comprehensive requirements.

Stock & Sale from TeFoc’s Coimbatore Office.