Kanai Rings & Traveller’s

Rings & Travellers – The Best of Japanese Metallurgy

Enhance Your Ring Frames’ Productivity & Yarn Quality with Kanai’s Rings & Travellers.

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We, TeFoc are Authorized Agents for Kanai Rings & Travellers, offers complete technical solutions for Spinning Mills Rings & Ring Travellers requirements. Their High-quality raw materials with excellent manufacturing process ensure the spinners to get good yarn quality, increased productivity & longer service life. TeFoc’s stocks & sells their Rings & Travellers from Coimbatore & Guntur Office or easy distribution.

Nanospin-EX Spinning- Rings

Minimum 3 % increased Productivity to conventional Spinning Rings
Reduced End Breaks
Increased Spindle Speeds up to 25000 rpm*
Quickest pay back
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  • NANOSPIN-EX- Rings manufactures with excellent coating technology with Uniform surface condition, maintained high Wear Resistance.
  • Least surface roughness value- Ra – 0.05u, hence reduced frictional wear & tear.
  • Better gliding properties to run at maximum spindle speed of 25000 rpm & above.
  • Better Traveller matching performs even at 50 m/s.
  • Reduces End Breaks with Enhanced yarn Quality.
  • Lesser Yarn Hairiness & Improved Yarn Elongation.
  • Enhanced Service life of 6-7 years for Compact & Synthetic Spinning Counts & 9-10 years for Non- Compact Spinning Counts at the Spinning speeds for 22000rpm & above.

“Stock & Sale from Coimbatore Office for Quick Deliveries”

 TeFoc Offering Efficient service support to Spinning Mill’s Rings & Travellers selection & assisting them to stay ahead in Quality & Productivity.


  1. Rings Technical Catalogue
  2. Rings Wear & Tear Comparison Chart
  3. Ra Value Chart
  4. Surface Condition Comparison.

Kanai Ring Travellers

Ring Travellers are one of the critical parts in a Spinning mill & it is directly influencing the mills productivity. Hence customers are always searching for better Travellers to meet out their higher productivity demands.

M/s. Kanai -Japan with their 100 years of expertise & knowledge in the field of Ring Traveller manufacturing offers solutions to their customer with their World’s best Traveller profiles & finishes.

New Falcon Finish:

Special Heat & Surface Treatment with improved Wear Resistance

  • Excellent Gliding Properties
  • Better Performance even at the Spindle speeds of 25000 rpm @ the Traveller Speed of 47 m/s.
  • Longer Traveller life with consistent yarn quality throughout the life

New Falcon Finish -Technical Write-up (Attachment)

Travellers for Compact Spinning (Value Added Travellers for Value added Yarns)

 ESZ/hf; EST/hf & ESR/hf- Profiles.

Kanai Ring Travellers offer the better stability & wear resistance during the spinning of compact yarn. Their Special Profiles like ESZ/hf, EST/hf & ESR/hf provides better matching with the Rings & withstands even up to Stringent spinning conditions.

* Reduced Traveller Fly & Lesser Re- starting breaks & Spinning Breaks.

* Reduced Yarn Hairiness & Improved Traveller Life with consistent quality.

TM /NFC OSY- Unique Round Profiles– For Fine & Super Fine Non-Compact Counts. These round profiles improve the Ring Frames Better Productivity & enhances Ring Traveller Life up to 3- 4 times than the normal local Travellers.

Attachments :

Kanai Ring Traveller Weight Chart

  1. Profile Comparison Chart
  2. Ring Traveller Complete Catalogue
  3. ESR/HF technical Write-up