Torque Multiplier


  • The work of a Torque multiplier is to multiply the given torque.
  • For high torques where 2 (or) 3 persons are required to torque a
    application, our Torque Multiplier would give the solution with less effort
    with reduced manpower.
  • Also our Torque Multipliers are weightless than our competitors, hence
    we stand apart in the league.

Comfort of Usage:

Reaction Arm Types:

  • Z-ARM which would be placed in the nearby bolts for support during the application.
  • The arm is made of special alloy which is very less in weight as well as can withstand load upto 54,000Nm.
  • L-ARM which is placed in the nearby bolts with the help of a socket to have a very strong support and in special application