Bring the leading mechanical technologies and solutions to our customer doorsteps. With the day to day tough jobs faced in industries , it is necessary to have well equipped systems to reduce Tough jobs.

TeFoc – Technology Focus, has wide range of solution in its portfolio. We give torque solutions, Tough & Reliable. Hand tools ,Bearings, Belt Power Transmission and Measuring Instruments.

TeFoc with the ultimate goal to give Solutions to tough Industrial jobs Such as Torque solutions, Reduce Friction with Bearing Solution and reduce power loss with power transmission solution.

We bring safety as the primary important rule to be ensured in an industry . Such as Electrical jobs, Pulling jobs and High Torque jobs.

Our Products are ensured with ISO/DIN standard to maintain top notch quality in each and every aspects.

TeFoc with the qualities of being honest and with strong moral principles integrates itself with major industries of same concept.