• Double Open End Spanners
  • Double End Ring Spanners
  • Combination Spanners
  • Ratchet Spanners
  • Double Ring Ratchet Spanner
  • Black Spanner
  • Adjustable Spanner
  • Ring Slogging Spanner
  • Open Jaw Slogging Spanner
  • Box Spanner

Technical Specification

  • Our Spanners are made up of Hot Forged Steel which makes spanner withstand High Torque
  • We provide what Torque each Spanner can withstand with the Torque Chart provided here.
  • The Tolerance level maintains a very close tolerance than DIN standard 3110.
  • Most importantly our ratchet spanners aren’t use and throw, we even provide service support for our ratchet spanner.

Note: Slogging Spanners we Provide sizes upto 250mm on special request.